EP Forward

We live in a city that is full of pride, determination, and vision. Progress is all around us. El Paso Forward has helped us celebrate that progress and embrace the tremendous potential we have as an energized, vibrant urban center.

Our campaign is entering a new phase, a phase led by the community and for the community. El Paso Forward will continue to provide a platform to share our enthusiasm—to lift each other up, to celebrate our progress, and to support the infrastructure and opportunities that will lead our city to an even brighter future. And now the microphone is being given to YOU. You represent the voices of our future and the thousands of El Pasoans who came out in droves to support the campaign and champion our city.

As the campaign steps back from its leadership position, with that microphone, we ask each of you to step forward. Go out! Get involved! Take time to explore what makes El Paso unique. Explore a neighborhood, visit a new restaurant or business, attend a show. Then share your story on social media and tag #EPForward. This simple action will continue to promote stories of hometown pride and highlight the great things happening in this wonderful city we call home.

  • Scott Walker, Executive Vice President, MIMCO

    In the last ten years our city has seen tremendous growth. Through new construction and development MIMCO has added hundreds of new tenants to our portfolio, bringing new businesses to El Paso - companies that not only pay property taxes that go directly back to our city, but that also add more jobs for our community. There is tremendous opportunity now to keep El Paso moving Forward.

  • Dr. Sylvia Acosta, YWCA of El Paso del Norte Region

    YWCA has been part of the El Paso community since 1909 and has witnessed the city’s growth for 109 years. Our mission has always been to empower El Pasoans, particularly the women of El Paso, and we are proud of how far our city has come. We are grateful for the leaders and innovators, from our organization and countless others, for their tireless work. We are honored to unite and celebrate our city’s history, present, and future.

  • Tresa Rockwell, Executive Director, Progress321

    The future of our city’s progress depends on the engagement and investment of our young professionals today. Through Progress321 mentor opportunities, we are helping to connect today’s leaders with those of tomorrow. We are seeing a resurgence of young talent who are stepping up to the plate to ensure El Paso is positioned for success and growth in the years to come.

  • Tracy Yellen, CEO, Paso Del Norte Foundation

    El Paso is a city that continues to give back. Through my work at the Paso Del Norte Foundation, I have seen incredible giving at all levels - from larger legacy and estate gifts to non-profits investing in our community. The people of El Paso care about the health, education and quality of life in the region and I am proud to be a part of moving El Paso forward, strengthening our community of Philanthropy.

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EP Forward

Show your support for continued progress in El Paso all the great things El Pasoans are doing.

Join the ever-growing list of individuals and businesses big and small that are proud of what they’re contributing to El Paso and want to keep moving EP Forward.


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